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E-Commerce as a Service combines software and services to provide brands with a powerful way to unlock the incredible opportunity of a multichannel, DTC selling strategy through an outsourced end-to-end eCommerce operation. Gain access to leading eCommerce technology-shared resources across essential functions (IT, customer service, fraud mgmt, analytics, fulfillment, finance/tax, etc.), and deep eCommerce domain expertise – all delivered as a Service.

In the times of mobile commerce and in-chat e-commerce, speed and ease of integration are everything. Features such as Social Media Integration, Powerful Search Functionality, Up-selling & Cross-selling, etc. are no more just market trends. They are now mandatory for building conversion-driven, delightful user experiences.

An intelligently designed e-commerce platform integrates smart e-commerce functionality & features in a way as to shorten the sales cycle for any e-commerce business. As the top eCommerce development company, our e-commerce solutions align with this philosophy. Our team of proficient e-commerce specialists aims to shorten the sales cycle and increase the e-commerce conversion rates by creating visitors’ delight through meaningful and exciting online shopping experiences.

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India Web Server has designed an ingenious ecommerce solution for such businesses and brands that want to launch their Digital Store, a solution that is quick, has minimal fuss, and tackles various challenges from the get-go. Here are the three propositions of our Digital Store solution:

Digital D2C Store: Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their customers directly.

Digital B2B2C Store: Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their customers through their dealers and distributors.

Digital B2B Store: Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their business customers through their dealers and distributors. Apart from these three propositions, the solution could be tailor-made for businesses that want to expand or improve their current D2C store footprint. Our Digital Store is a holistic solution that combines best-of-breed technology tools, analytical models, and ML-led automations to deliver superior user experience and operations framework, impacting multiple business functions and ensuring a strong foundation for a long-term digital journey. In addition, we also offer several options for enabling the Digital Store:

-> Run the Digital Store — business operations and customer care — once we go-live.
-> Design and development of native Android mobile apps
-> Customise the solution based on digital maturity of the current business.
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Online Store Setup Management

Migration of data from legacy systems to ecommerce platforms. Detailing product description and specifications (price, SKUs, MFGs, part number, image, etc.). Product information management such as categorisation, indexing, archiving, and metadata tagging. Creative services, product image optimisation, retouching, and validation.

Inventory management, purchase order, and invoice processing.Brand and data compliance audit. Order checkout and payment processing. Payment, coupon, and returns fraud. Shipment confirmation and reporting.

Promotions and campaigns to launch the Digital Store — social, video, and email campaigns, as well as articles and advertisements on ecommerce channels. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) services and copywriting. Loyalty management, reward programs, voucher designs, and coupons, as well as administration of promotions. Omnichannel campaign support.

Cart abandonment metrics. Customer behaviour and shopping pattern. Onsite optimisation and campaign performance report. Fraud and return analytics. Inventory analysis such as SKU retirement and obsolescence, product availability, and performance. NLP and machine language data sets for AI modeling.

Handling customer queries and complaints on various channels such email, chat, voice, and social media. Returns management support. Refunds and coupon promotion enquiries. Late delivery and order cancellation support. Product complaints and payment-related queries.

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